Easy to Make Online Quiz & Surveys and Track Results

quiz creatorWondershare released the content authoring software QuizCreator 4.0 integrating the features of both quiz creation and survey creation. The Quiz Management System (QMS) 4.0 in it had been redesigned for better content management and report generation. Trainers, teacher, instructors and marketing director now can make the most of these products for diverse assessments.

With QuizCreator, creating professional Flash quizzes and surveys become simple. And contents and questions can be published to QMS. QMS can be used to host and manage the assessments online, collect the data of participants’ performances and generate insightful reports. Many educational institutions and cooperate departments are using the combined feature of QMS and QuizCreator to quickly make assessment projects since it meets the needs of both education institutions and business organizations.

“Survey creation is added to QuizCreator 4.0 and the tracking features of QMS are upgraded,” said James Hui, Product Manager of Wondershare Presentation Tools Department. “Wondershare assessment solution brings more benefits.”

Enhancements to QuizCreator 4.0 and QMS 4.0:

Easy survey creation – Creating surveys by filling the questions in the preset form. 9 questions types such as Likert Scale, Pick One, Shot Answer, etc. are available. Multi-media files can be inserted to make the survey engaging.

Manual grading – Subjective quiz questions can be graded on QMS. Comments can be added as the feedback.

Online content generation – Quiz/Survey questions can be uploaded to question pool on QMS for generating assessment contents online.

Insightful Reports – More insightful breakdown reports can be generated according to the specified conditions.

More new features – Delicate player templates are in QuizCreator 4.0 and the player size can be changed; QMS comes with brand-new interface; Easy to find searching contents with tags and filter… For more new features about QuizCeator 4.0.

The combination of QuizCreator and Quiz Management System is a cost-effective assessment solution serving many educational institutions and coperate departments. The quiz/survey creation of QuizCreator, and the result tracking, scoring and report generation of QMS, simplify the complicated process of the assessment. Enjoy the simplicity of Wondershare assessment solution.
For more information, please?check?QuizCreator on Wondershare.

Pricing and Availability

QuizCreator 4.0 is available at US $169.95, and you can download the free trial version here: http://www.wondershare.com/pro/quizcreator.html.

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