Earth Day – Live a Low-Carbon Life

At the last Copenhagen conference Denmark, politicians and activists are fighting on making bigger cuts in carbon emission. Yes, we all looking for a big shift to have a greener world and we should understand this globally mission should be act locally.

As experts say there is no time to delay with the effort to reduce carbon emissions, in these days more and more people are pursuing a low-carbon life, also known as reducing carbon footprint. Thus, how to realize a low-carbon lifestyle?

Here we share with each other tips for developing low-carbon habits in daily life.

1. When buying clothes, choose those purely made with cotton. Because it will takes less carbon to produce cotton clothes. Doing things such as taking reusable shopping bags to the store and setting the air conditioner at a temperature above 26 centigrade in summer.

2. On many popular social networking websites, people share tips include using the stairs and public transport more frequently than elevators or cars. Surely, it will be much better if switching to a different mode of transport—a bicycle.

3. Use less light, turn off radiators before opening windows so that we could save the electricity and energy. You will make the world a better place only if you change a light bulb or put a can of Coke or beer in recycling bin after drunk.

Those tips above really handy, so, a big compromises could be avoid to make a real difference to help the environment, for in the long run those tips will start to have an influence if we took practices accordingly.

Well, tomorrow is the Earth Day, as the awareness of climate change improves, we would like to take every day as Earth Day. So that none of us would regret saying “if I had my life to live over, I would plant more trees and cut more carbon footprint.”

What do you say to have a low-carbon lifestyle from this moment?

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