Dr.Fone Presents: The 5 Best iPhone Productivity Apps for 2013

It can be hard to keep resolutions , doubly so when you’re lacking the proper tools to stay on top of your life, whether it’s finances, fitness, forms, mail–the whole shebang. With the lofty goal of finally aligning your life in 2013, we at Wondershare urge you to check out our five favorite apps for getting down to business below.  No matter which aspect of your life you’re yearning to get back on track (in my case, ALL of them) there’s an app for it!

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The 5 Best iPhone Productivity Apps for 2013 


Checkmark — $4.99 — How often have you polished off a gallon of milk, written down “buy milk” and then strolled absentmindedly by the grocery store later on? By downloading Checkmark, you can avoid the headaches—and eating dry cereal the next morning. The app allows users to set location- and time-based reminders, so you not only receive notifications at 6 p.m. when you’re done with work, but when you’re walking by the closest convenience store.

Any.DO — Free — …you can use Any.DO for free. The app also syncs to the cloud and allows users to set time and location reminders through voice recognition, eliminating the need to type tasks in altogether. You can use notes as sub-tasks to remember key facts regarding a to-do item, sort items by date, folder or priority and merely shake your iPhone to remove any errands you have already completed.

Slice — Free — Was keeping track of your online purchases during the holidays a nightmare? Now couldn’t be a better to then download Slice. The app not only tracks your packages, but also helps users stay on top of all their online purchases. Have you been purchasing merchandise from iTunes, Etsy, Amazon and eBay? Slice securely scans your email, finds your receipts and create an online archive of purchases. As an added bonus for those spending too much money, the app also shows shoppers what their spending patterns say about them.

Mint.com Personal Finance — Free — As much as we all hate balancing our checkbooks, especially after the holidays, Mint has received fairly positive reviews from BostInno’s own Lisa DeCanio. Not only does Mint help you keep track of how you spend your money, but it also tells you when to pay your bills and how to save. Using the Mint app, you can also create budgets while on-the-go and split a single transaction into multiple categories, which is handy when you’re taking return trips to the nearby mall.

Clear — 99 Cents — Need a to-do list without one too many bells and whistles? Clear is as…well…clear as they come. You can add items to one of your multiple lists, easily drag and rearrange tasks or swipe those tasks to complete them, all while storing information to your iCloud. Or…