Deleted Comments in User’s Forum

I’ve decided to write on the “Deleted Comments in User’s Forum” due to the growing mess about a recent iOS 7’s user comment being deleted in the Apple’s forum. If you’re not aware about how the chaos has unfolded, simply read into Lessig’s blog. Apparently, he’s also an academic as well as a political activist. So you can imagine some level of persistence in his pursuit of gaining a proper and well-deserved explanation.

Still, his action is very commendable or shall be learnt by the most of us. In fact, we would have normally resorted to the few common actions (i.e. just forget about it or persuade ourself that it’s not such a big deal after all) if similar incident has happened to us. But, I can truly understand why, as I wouldn’t have enjoy the amount of grief that’ll probably comes along the process either. Hence, his actions has been pretty lauded and considered to be standing up on behalf of many others that have shared or suffered the same treatment in other user’s forum.


I’ve read about his ordeal and frustration just a few days ago through a link shared in Google+. All of a sudden, this has turn into one the latest trending news! Wouldn’t this be great if we’ve managed to receive the same amount of attention as Lessig on our deleted comment/s? Nevertheless, everything boils down to the actual content of our comment/s. At the very least, simply drop us a line or email informing us of your decision and make sure your explanation is reasonable.


Imagine if you’re in his shoes? After several attempts and effort on trying to communicate or share his personal experience, he has been totally ‘muted’ off the forum. How would you feel? I believed none of us would have enjoyed it even though not many would have taken the path he’s taking right now.


He’s simply looking for a solution for his greyed-out Wi-Fi and sharing related information with other users whose facing the exact issue. Honestly, I can’t agree much more with him about “When did it become inappropriate to inform people about legally protected rights related to technical issues”? In today’s ever growing competitive markets, we need to improve our level of customer service even by that little bit in order to secure user’s loyalty as well as creating a positive brand name or goodwill for our company.


It’s indeed very annoying, frustrating and disheartening to hear that there’ll be no post-sales services or as such right after we have purchased the product. Bear in mind, we only make that purchase because we ‘like’ it at the first place, but there are always substitutes!


  • Melissa C.

    Hi Cassie, if you have performed a backup onto iTunes or onto your Mac, you shall be able to recover it using the same Apple ID that was registered for your lost iPhone. You can also recover from iCloud if you have saved your backup there. Please contact our support group at for futher enquiries. They’ll be more than glad to point you to the right direction.

  • cassie

    I have downloaded a file from iphome to 99 percent but have since lost my old iphone. Is there any way to retrieve this data from wondershare without the iphone.