Dear YouTube: Am I Ugly???






Are you there God? It’s me, Margret’s channel… In the era of instant feedback via various social sites, here’s a disturbing new twist on old phenomenon: today’s teen girls are turning to YouTube to get an instant verdict on their beauty or lack thereof.

Plug the phrase “Am I Ugly” into YouTube and you’ll be dealt dozens of videos of young girls asking the always-respectful YouTube community to give their not-yet-fully-formed faces the ‘ol 1-to-10 treatment. Here’s a prime example in the video below:


These (some of them quite viral) videos run the gamut from kind and reassuring to kind of hateful trash that keeps child therapists rolling in six figures. One commenter (this video had over 3 million hits) expressed what was definitely on my mind; “God made everybody beautiful. It’s this video that makes you unattractive.”


Those of us older than teen girls can see the resemblance between this latest trend and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s original project – Facemash, or if you’re really ancient like me–the pioneer of online peer-to-peer demolishment,


So, who’s to say what the outcome of this latest cyber trend will be? Surley more allegations of cyberbullying—but the cruel YouTube rabble will no doubt remain anonymous. Anyway, every dark trend has a lighter side—like maybe 17,000 results for boys asking “Do I look like Justin Bieber?” ROFL, ROFL, ROFL!


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