How to Create a Personalized Christmas Card in iPhoto

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So this holiday season, you want to give something a little more special than that off-the-shelf commercial greeting card you’ve simply signed your name in year after year? If you’re here, you probably want to put together some of your own photos and add a truly personalized greeting, so you can really wow your family and friends. Well, in this article, we’re gonna show how you can easily create a custom photo Christmas card with iPhoto in minutes.

Most importantly, your family will appreciate the thought and time you put into your personalized ecards. Here is how to create a custom Christmas card with iPhoto ’9.

Note: iPhoto can’t save your card in flash (FLV) format, so if you want a flash ecard, here’s how to create Flash ecard.

Pick Your Photos
Launch iPhoto and go to your photo library and choose the photos you want. When you’re satisfied with the photos, choose File -> New -> Card, or click the Card icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the iPhoto window and choose Card to get started.

Pick a Card type and Customize Your Card
In the prompt window, choose Greeting Card from the menu then choose a Christmas theme. When finished, click the Choose button to proceed.

Personaliced Christmas Card iPhoto

Now the iPhoto interface will be replaced by a workspace and you’ll see a layout that shows you the inside and outside of your card. The photos you selected will appear at the top of the window. Simply drag them into the card workspace to place on both the cover and inside page.

If you want to add more photos from your library, simply go to Photos and drag the photo to your card project on the left panel.

You can change the theme, color and design of the card from the bottom of the workplace. When you are satisfied with the layout, it’s time to add a text caption on the cover and your warmest holiday greetings inside.

Christmas card iPhoto
Print Your Customized Christmas Card
When you’ve finished your card, front and back, click the Buy Card button to order the printed card from Apple. You can order as many copies as you want and they’ll come in the mail, envelopes included.

If you don’t want to wait, you can print at home. Select File -> Print. In the Print window, select your paper size and set your print options. Check your printer’s manual, for a good feel; you should pick the heaviest cardstock paper your printer can handle.

Christmas Card with iPhoto

If you don’t have any fancy cardstock at home, you can always save and load card onto a USB and go to a local copy shop to print it.