College Graduation Gift Ideas for 2011 Grads

Looking for gift ideas for high school or college graduation? Here are some unique college graduation gift ideas and high school graduation gifts. Keep your graduate’s future plans in mind when trying to choose the perfect gift.

Unique College Graduation Gift Ideas for Graduates

Graduating from college is an exciting time in anyone’s life as it marks the completion of one chapter in life as well as the start of another. Gifts typically celebrate such most important moment in one’s life. A personalized graduation gift also wishes all the best for his venture to a new life. Here are some college graduation gift ideas for your classmates and friends.

Choose college graduation gift related to his new career: Give your college graduate a boost of confidence with professional gifts that will help in his new career, for example, a great briefcase, an engraved pen, a laptop computer, or even a “Grown-up” software, like tax or money software.

Graduation Video Tribute on DVD: Throughout these years, many meaningful photos of the graduates may be stored in your computer. It’s a good idea to gather them up to create a graduation video tribute. Adding short documentary is also great for making a graduation video. After burning graduate video tribute on DVD, send each graduate a DVD copy as a graduation gift.
Printed Photo Scrapbook: The photos are a good way to remember your friends and cherish your time together. Try to combine photos and graduation poem to a personalized photo scrapbook and print out as a graduation gift. All graduates’ signatures on it make it more unique.

Note: If you choose to throw a graduation party to celebrate college graduation, you may need to make graduation photo invitations.

Graduation Photo Invitation & Memories Sharing via Graduation Slideshow

Preserve the Precious Photo and Video Memories

Graduation day is fast approaching and you need to make an impressed announcement – from the graduation photo invitation, graduation party to a keepsake to freeze the unforgettable graduation memories. Your lives are before you, your past is behind you, but graduation memories are forever with you. Whatever it’s a high school graduation or college graduation, you could share the memories in a truly unique way, like making a Graduation DVD Slideshow.

Homemade Graduation Photo Invitation for Graduation Party

A graduation party is popular to celebrate graduation. It’s a good idea to make an impressive graduation photo invitation to have a good start. Using card templates, combine your photos, graduation wishes and the important notes to print and send out.

Songs Ideas for Graduation Slideshow & Graduation Party

Songs are dispensable for graduation, whatever you are planning a perfect graduation party, or making graduation video from photos and music. The songs have the powerful ability to set the tone of the graduation party and evoke the right mood for the graduation video. You are recommended to make a graduation video with graduation songs, like Graduation by Vitamin C, or Christian graduation songs if you are in a Christian school. What you need is only a graduation video software and graduation photos.

Songs for Graduation Video Program

My Way by Frank Sinatra
Graduate by Third Eye Blind
Graduation Day by Beach Boys
Graduation Day by Kanye West
Beautiful Day by U2
Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson
Graduation (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C
Here’s to the Night by Eve 6
It’s My Life by Bon Jovi
I Will Remember You by Sarah McLachlan
School’s Out by Alice Cooper
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day
Schools Out (…For Summer) by Alice Cooper

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