Brand-new Support Center for Wondershare Released

In order to provide our customers a better and easy-to-use way for help, and after a result of the hard work of our designers and programmers, Wondershare Support Center 4.0 has come out with an absolutely new interface.

Besides the newly-designed interface, Support Center has been greatly enhanced with practical features and informative contents to improve user experience. Customers can get their registration code easily with our Registration Code Retrieval System, find frequently asked questions in FAQ Center, get technical support about the exact product, and contact us for help conveniently.

1.    Retrieve Registration Code

The Registration Code Retrieval System is designed for the customers who have not got the registration code after purchase because of the delay of the Internet or system glitches and the customers who lost their registration code and want to retrieve it.
Meantime, our customers can also choose to upgrade their products to the latest version.

2.    Browse Frequently Asked Questions
The FAQ Center contains general sales FAQs and technical FAQs as usual, with new enhancements.
The new category allows you to find your questions conveniently, and the newly-added enhanced search feature enables you to find the answers to your questions more easily.

3.    View Product Support Documents
The new module of the product support is aimed to guide our trial users and customers to use our products, as the traditional built-in help documents do. This kind of online help documents come with online tutorial, How-to & Troubleshooting, and revision history.

4.    Contact Support Team
We provide two ways for our customers to contact our support team. One is the ticket support system, which is strongly recommended. Another is sending email to our support team.
If you want to contact our support team directly, you can click the shortcut on the right of the page, and submit your ticket.

5.    Customer Satisfaction Survey
In order to collect the voice from our customers, we have especially designed a customer satisfaction survey. You can feel free to express your detailed wants and needs, comments and suggestions which are considered to be the key inputs for our enhancements and improvements.

6.    Manage Your Orders and Tickets
Sign in our Member Zone, and you can view the records of your orders and tickets, upgrade your products and ask us a new question. You can also subscribe or unsubscribe our newsletters here.

We have been always making convenience for our customers, and we do hope our efforts can make you satisfied. If you have any suggestions on our Support Center, please let us know.

Learn more about our Support Center, please visit: