Best Resources: Free iPhone Themes & Wallpapers

We know that there are plenty of free iPhone themes & wallpapers on internet, but those working the best and can be trusted for download are not always easy to find.

Here are the best resources of free iPhone themes & wallpapers that I have tried and loved. They are useful, look great and have perfect concept behind them.

Free iPhone themes – whatever your style

 Cartoon themes

Cartoon themes are always popular in teens, as it can bring us bright shining mood, and make us happy and dynamic in our study and work. Look at this smiling face from “iPhone free download”. So cute, isn’t?  Check out for more  free cartoon themes.


Fashion themes

If you love fashion and shining style, the website of iSkysoft’s suggestion may do you a great favor. It offers not only classic cool themes, but also shining bright themes, large numbers of remarkable themes suitable for you. Check out for more free fashion themes.

Sport themes

Sport themes are also quite popular, not only because of the large number of sport lovers, but also the spirit of sport itself has a significant impact among all of us. It can activates our mind, and meantime, inspires us to pursue  a better life. Here are more free sport themes.


If you are beginners of applying new iPhone themes and are afraid of making mistakes, you can just follow the user guide of  how to apply iPhone themes.

Top rated wallpapers – refresh & enrich your iPhone life

3D wallpapers

Like 3D images? So here you came in the right place. You can find out any kind of 3D wallpapers, like cute animals, nature landscapes, cartoon images, beautiful girls, etc. It will give you a quite new visual enjoyment. You can check out here  for more free 3D wallpapers.

Gaming wallpapers

If you are gaming lovers, this page is surely useful to you. Like Starcraft, God of War, Turok Dinosaur, Half Life, Prince of Persia, Assassin Creed, etc. a large variety of popular gaming wallpapers can be found here. Search for your favorite  gaming wallpapers.

Beauty wallpapers

Beautiful girls, pretty young ladies, they are just like the fantastic scenario of nature world. They not only bring you visual brightness and enjoyment, but also stimulate young girls to maintain their fine figure. Everybody likes beauties, isn’t it? For more beauty wallpapers.


If you love your own images or photos so much and want to make them extraordinary wallpapers, this website can also do a good favor. Go to  make your own wallpaper.

Besides the above websites, of course, there are also many other reliable rescouces of rich free iPhone themes & wallpapers for download. We can just check them out, and enjoy together the easy and convenient refreshment in our iPhone life.

  • Valerie

    Windows 7-its great.I have been working with it since a long time.Its a vast ipvormement from vista as it takes much less ram and a has other optimizations as fast bootong times.I m working with release candidate and so far i have no complaint working with it.The themes you have given here are superb.Thanks for sharing.