Beat the Post Holiday Blues: Create a Christmas Slideshow

It’s that time of year again…  No–not THAT time of year.  Not the time of year when your family and friends get together and get warm and cozy away from the cold to share holiday cheer and a whole lot of delicious food… That’s the point.  It’s THAT time of year…. the post holiday blues time of year.  Down in the dumps again?  Don’t be!  Do something fun and creative with those Christmas memories while you got all those photos just laying around the house.  Make a dazzling DVD slideshow of your Christmas memories, easy as pie, and in NO time at all!

Want to make a DVD slideshow today?  Download a free trial of Wondershare DVD Slidshow Builder for Windows



How to Create a Christmas Slideshow

So, easier said than done, right?  Not this time folks!  Just follow the insanely simple instructions below and use the free software you downloaded from the link above and let’s get started already!  So, without further ado…


1. Add Photos

Simply click the “Add Files” button to browse your computer/device for photo/video files. Empty buffer slides or selected transition effects will be automatically inserted between each photo/video.  To select a transition effect, click the “Personalize” and customize your slideshow.

2.  Choose a Menu

Select one of the stylish DVD menus from the template bar by going to the Menu tab. On the left hand side of the screen, double-click on the menu template you want to apply. You can then view the menu immediately in the preview window. Use the buttons on top to customize your DVD menu or right-click on menu for more options. We recommend you make professional DVD menus using dynamic DVD menu templates.

3.  Publish Your Slideshow

  • When you’ve added everything you want to your slideshow, “Create” tab to publish, and:
  • If you want to save it as a DVD slideshow: click “Burn to DVD” in the left sidebar.
  • Save your slideshow as video slideshow: choose “Save to Computer” or “Save as HD” to keep the high quality of your original files.
  • Watch the slideshow on your device: click “Share to Mobile Device” or “Share to Apple Device”;
  • Publish your slideshow on YouTube: click “Share to YouTube”, enter your YouTube account information, then click “Publish”.

So, that’s it!  You can see a similar finished product below!  Check it out and have fun!