What is Android Ice Cream Sandwich?

We’ve been waiting for the update of Google Android OS, and it’s called Ice Cream Sandwich. But Ice Cream Sandwich catches our sights not only because it is the next version of the massively popular mobile operating system, but Ice Cream Sandwich signals a new era for Android. Ice Cream Sandwich will bring a Honeycomb-like feature set to the table, and at the same time tackle what’s been one of the biggest issues with Android.

The version number will be 4.0, and we can expect to see the OS rolling out by the end of 2011.

What’re updates on the newest Android OS?

Google wants an OS that can be run everywhere, no matter what the hardware. This new OS is supposed to run on all types of Android devices. Ice Cream Sandwich is not just for phones, we will see it on tablets, computers…, and it converge the Android operating system into one sweet package to ease the issue of OS fragmentation and create new opportunities for developers.

Unlike Honeycomb, which Google says was not made open source because they worked to unify the Android OS for various devices and form factors, Ice Cream Sandwich is positioned as an open source for developers to do as they please with.

Ice Cream Sandwich will have a handful of APIs for developers to develop the platform much easier. It is friendly with screens of any size, and provides APIs to let developers to modify certain elements accordingly. Another API is head and face tracking from the camera, which can recognize specific part of the face. And if there are two people on one side of a video chat session, the camera will recognize who is talking and focus on him rather than both people.

Ice Cream Sandwich will bring the new features as Honeycomb, includes the holographic UI, multitasking bar, and more.

From: http://www.intomobile.com/2011/05/10/ice-cream-sandwich-future-android/