An American Engineer Visits Wondershare Head Office

Just a few days ago, an unprecedented incident happened in Wondershare Head Office. Joseph J. Pasky, an American Engineer, specially paid a visit in person to purchase Wondershare software product, which was really a surprise, as Wondershare software, with its great impact all over the world and millions of users of over 160 countries, has for years been purchased through online payment on the Internet. 

The special foreign guest, Joseph J. Pasky, is an American IT engineer working in a high-tech company in Shenzhen, China, which is also where Wondershare Head Office is. Recently he purchased a DV player, but found troubled concerning video format conversion. He tried many American video converters. However, none of them worked well.

“Actually I heard of Wondershare before, from a friend. After I thought of this I began to search the brand online.” Joseph said when he met us, ” I got it and downloaded Wondershare Video Converter Ulitmate for a free trial. It worked fantastically, easy to use and with perfect functions, really to my surprise. So when I knew that Wondershare Head Office is right in Shenzhen, I decided to pay a visit.”

Miss Hu, a staff in Wondershare warmly received Joseph. She took him around for a pleasant visit of the office area, and detailedly introduced the culture and various product lines to him. After that Joseph showed a strong interest and purchased several items, such as Wondershare PDF Converter, besides his desired Wondershare Video Converter Ulitmate.

“Really wonderful software, and reliable company. You really gave me a surprise, and a right worthy visit.” Joseph presented a big thumb-up, smiling and satisfied.