7 Latest & Trending Tools to Enhance Your Music and Videos Experience.

Make the best out of the available YouTube tools. There’s a long list to go through if you want to find a suitable ‘tool’ to enhance your music and videos experience. To save you the hassle, we’ve trimmed up the list to the 7 latest or trending tools that’s helpful.

YouTube Toolbox

You can now skip those boring and dull advertisements and dive straight in to enjoy your music/videos directly.


Instead of spending hours into searching the specific lyrics to the music video you’re watching, this extension allows you to  easily add lyrics with a choice of viewing it on the same screen or as a separate pop-up.


Download, manage and play those music/videos on the go. Start building a playlist of your own. Download it online and save it for later. You can even transfer and watch it on your mobile.


If it’s a music video, you might only be interested in the background soundtrack/song and feels like saving it immediately. This particular tool can help you in extracting the audio (from the music video) as an mp3 file.


Haven’t got the spare time to watch it online? Save those YouTube videos for later. Once downloaded, it’s also transferable to mobile devices for convenience.


Just click-on the ‘Loop’ button to play the music/videos (which will appear on your toolbar after installation). One-click plays it all!


Stress-free! Watch your music and videos without any distraction by removing clutters such as advertisements, banners, pop-ups and etc.