4 Keys to Take Better Photos


This shaky work look familiar? :)


Don’t bother with the billion books on photography as an art you see all over bookstores. The truth is, practicing the fundementals of taking good photos is quite easy. We can’t fix your shaky hands, of course, but we can show you how to optimize your camera to help compensate for any shortcomings you have as a photographer.  So check them out one by one and feel yourself improving in no time.

Shallow depth-of-field

1. Reduce Depth of Field

What is depth of field?

Depth of field is a measure of how much of the picture is in sharp focus, and is determined by your camera’s aperture setting. Small f/number = small depth of field. If your camera functions aren’t ‘manual’ enough to let you set the f/number yourself, you can set your camera to a scene setting like Portrait mode, which will work the same.

Shoot your photos so the subject is sharply in focus, butthe depth of field is shallow enough that the background is blurry. This creates visual separation and emphasizes the importance of your subject. It also looks really cool.


The rule of thirds

2. Obey the Rule of Thirds

What is this “Rule of Thirds”?

The “Rule of Thirds” theorizes that photos are more visually interesting when the subject is off-center—about one-third of the way from the right or left. Don’t look at this rule as a constraint on your creativity; on the contrary, this alternative view gives you new ways to arrange your subject, so experiment.


Fast shutter speed

3. Increase Sharpness with Shutter Speed

Slow shutter speed can ruin a photo, showing camera shake. A faster shutter speed seems like a simple answer, but how do you know what’s fast enough? Here’s the trusted formula: Shutter speed should be set, at minimum, equal or greater than the inverse of the lens’s focal length.
If you’re shooting with a 35mm lens, the shutter speed should be 1/35 of a second or faster. If you have a 100mm lens; 1/200 second or faster, etc.


Red eye

4. Rid Your Photos of Red Eye

Red eye happens when your flash reflects off the retina in the back of your subject’s eyes. Avoid this in dark situations by turning off the flash and using only ambient light. To aid in this, increase your camera’s ISO to make the most of the available light. Or (if you have a digital SLR), you can mount an external flash on a bracket to get it further from the lens.


Better Photos Deserve a Better  Showcase

Wondershare Fantashow for Mac

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