2 Ways to Make a Thanksgiving/Christmas DVD Slideshow

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Thanksgiving is around the corner and Christmas is following up. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas are the great time for family reunion. Are you wondering how to make your Thanksgiving and Christmas unforgettable?

What I suggest is – Make a DVD slideshow as family reunion gift or just the background of party and personalize it with your own photos, stories, and words. That will definitely strike a chord with everyone. This article will show you 2 ways to make a Thanksgiving or Christmas DVD slideshow animated and effortlessly.

Using PowerPoint

Is PowerPoint really the right tool to make a DVD slideshow for Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts? Yes – at least when you use it along with PowerPoint to DVD software.

  1. Almost every computer has PowerPoint, and you might be already an advanced PowerPoint user.
  2. PowerPoint slideshow is very easy to make with its friendly interface.
  3. PowerPoint can easily handle photos and songs for slideshow.

So, it’s time to power on your computer, run PowerPoint to make a Thanksgiving or Christmas slideshow, and burn it with your favorite PowerPoint to DVD burner.

Using All-in-one Photo DVD Slideshow Maker

If you have not installed PowerPoint on your computer, or have a budget to do your Christmas or Thanksgiving DVD slideshow, enter DVD Slideshow Builder for Windows or Fantashow for Mac – easy to use yet advanced DVD slideshow make that easily weave your photos, videos and music into playable DVD slideshow in minutes.

thanksgiving christmas dvd slideshow

Compared to PowerPoint slideshow, the DVD slideshow software is even easier to use, and provides much more transition and motions effects to smoothly animate your shows. More important, they don’t require third party DVD burning tool to create DVD discs. Directly transform your photos and music to slideshow and burn onto DVD – it’s ready to spread out, or play with home DVD player at your Thanksgiving or Christmas family reunion party.

Thanksgiving/Christmas DVD Cover/Booklet

As a Christmas or Thanksgiving DVD slideshow gift, it’s necessary to make a matched holiday-style CD cover or booklet, see how to make gift CD cover/booklet for free here >>