10 Digital Photography Tips for Christmas

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It’s just a few weeks until Christmas, so here’s some photography tips for Christmas to help you capture the big day. Hope this will give you some good Christmas photography ideas.


Get everything ready so you can capture all the planned and unplanned moments at Christmas.

1. Fully charge the camera batteries to avoid an on-strike camera when you want to shoot. The moment goes and it doesn’t come back.

2. Make sure the memory cards could hold extra photos. Even better to have them empty and ready to fill up.

3. Preparation makes perfect. Is there enough space? Enough light? Are you satisfied with the backgrounds? …

4. Pack the tripod. It’s the trusted buddy when you are outside to take group photo, but nobody can hold the camera.

Start from the Very Beginning

christmas decorations photography

Christmas doesn’t come in one day. People even prepare for Christmas half years before. Record all the meaningful events from the start to Christmas. There are many opportunities you can shoot photos for Christmas, such as making Christmas cookies, decorating the house, setting the table, wrapping Christmas gifts, and so on.

Christmas Lights

lights christmas photography

It’s not easy to take Christmas lights photos, but practice makes perfect. Here are some tips to shoot beautiful Christmas photos.

1. Time matters. The best time to shoot Christmas lights is before it gets totally dark.

2. Includes the sky. Based on the above tips, shoot from a low position and include as much sky as possible in the background.

3. Get Christmas lights well white-balanced. Set your camera’s white balance to “tungsten,” if there exists.

4. You are recommended to take Christmas lights photo in the range of a quarter second to a full second at twilight. And a tripod is necessary to steady your camera.

Christmas Photo Booth

A photo booth was the hit of Christmas party. You don’t need to hire a photo booth, instead, DIY a Christmas photo booth yourself. For example, set your camera up with a tripod (short self timer as well if necessary) and put red curtain as background, along with a few Christmas-style decorations. It’s nice to also prepare a few Santa hats and tinsel for people to decorate themselves with.

Continuous Shots on Opening Gift

continuous christmas photography

The opening of gifts is like no other in that it is the great moment to capture excitement and facial expressions. You won’t miss any shoot here. Therefore, the burst mode or continuous shooting mode is a helper. This is usually the funniest part to display photos in slideshow for years to come.

Christmas Group Photo

group christmas photography

The group photo is the most common type of shots and usually be taken at the end of a Christmas party or family reunion when every turns to be tired. This Christmas, take a fresh Christmas photo once everyone has arrived. Think about how to take group photos and don’t get someone forgotten.

Focus on Subject

zoom christmas photography

Get your subjects appropriately focused using zoom in/out buttons on your camera or moving yourself to a suitable position. Never, even include useless subjects or backgrounds in your Christmas photos. This is one of the most useful Christmas photography tips in my opinion.

Through the Aperture

aperture christmas photography

The camera aperture is something a bit tricky to use. Actually, it’s not as difficult as you imagine. You could either set your camera to Aperture Priority mode or change the camera aperture manually. For instance, when shooting a Christmas decoration on the tree, select a large aperture (e.g. f/2.8) to focus on the decoration but blur the backgrounds. By contrary, when take a photo of everyone sitting down eating around a long table, select a small aperture (e.g. f/8 to f/11) to keep everyone in focus.

Explore Street Community

Christmas is not only a home Christmas. Join the whole festive community to explore more opportunity to take more good Christmas photos. Now pack your camera, go out to improve your photography skills this Christmas.

Photography Related Tips

Here are some tips for Christmas photography from Wondershare.com.

1. Share Photos.

There are many ways to share your photos. The popular way is to make a photo slideshow with music and upload to YouTube.com. If you are scrapbook enthusiasts, decorate your photos in your style before sharing with friends. You could also share them in a photo gallery embedded into a web page.

2. Send Video Greeting Cards.

Christmas is around the corner. It’s a good idea to send a Christmas video greeting card created with the specially chosen photos. Your friends will be impressed with your photography talent and share the Christmas joyfulness with you.