Types and History of Video Storage

9 April by Melissa C.



Prior to recording, storing and distributing videos with the digital format, we’ve resorted to the analog version in the forms of tapes as well as optical discs. In the earlier days or televising or broadcasting videos, there are also the concept format of Phonovision and Kinescope, which goes all the way back to the 1920’s.


Looking at the means and methods we’re using today, there have been tremendous changes and improvements. Even though some might be obsolete, the technology has provided a very sturdy basis for some of the great achievements that we’ve seen and practically used or still using, until today.

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    Amazon Fire TV

    4 April by Melissa C.

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      iPhone 6: Release Date, Rumors and Features

      2 April by Selena Lee

      Recently, many rumors point to the next generation of iPhone, say iPhone 6. These rumors focus on the big screen size, sapphire crystal, display technology, design, iOS 8 and more. Whatever the rumors are, they give us a general description about what the upcoming generation of iPhone may look like. Now, lets have a look at what the rumors are.

      Rumor 1: Large screen size?

      Actually, there’s no definite word about the screen size of iPhone 6 for the time being. However, rumors suggest that the next generation of iPhone is going to have an increased size, comparing to 4-inches screen of iPhone 5. It’s likely that the screen size ranges from 4.7 inches to 5.5 inches. Some rumors even indicate that Apple will release two models. The small model has 4.7 inches, and the larger one has 5.5 inches.

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        What Happened in Facebook?

        24 March by Melissa C.

        Started slightly over 10 years ago, there had been so much happening to and in Facebook. The first thing that I could recall was it’s lawsuit about who actually founded the social media platform. After that, came along the improvised layout or designs, games, user profiles, secure browsing, video calling and group chat, privacy control, mobile platform as well as other additional features. The most prominent one to me, was the Timeline’s introduction.


        His personal life, of course hasn’t been sparred. However, I’m not going into that subject. Other than that, I honestly can’t remember if there had been any significant low points or major setbacks that have ever happened, apart from the legal cases. Fast forward, they’ve celebrated their 10th year’s anniversary with a sweet video campaign this year. It’s about a video memoir titled A Look Back. Accompanied with a standard tune or music in the background, the video runs for a fixed 62 seconds, showcasing a stitched up collection of photos and events shared since the user has first subscribed to Facebook.

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          18 March by Melissa C.


          Most of us have a hobby, let it be reading to gardening, getting some DIY done, playing games, hiking or cooking. But how about collecting the collectibles or collectible hobby? A collectible hobby would probably require a higher level of determination and patience. Depending on the circumstances and the type of items collected, it can be quite a pricey hobby too.


          Do you know or ever wondered what others normally collect as their hobby? Have you ever collected stamps, coins, first day covers, postcards, books, watches, CDs, DVDs, toys, marbles or key chains? Those are considered to be the most common collectibles, but be sure there’s more that would come to our surprises.

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            Big to Small & Big in Small

            3 March by Melissa C.


            Have you noticed this trend of transforming something physically BIG to SMALL? How about offering BIG features in SMALL casing? Does it ring a bell? How relevant is the BIG to SMALL & BIG in SMALL concept relates to the mobile and computing technology? Have it ever crossed your mind that the current mobile phones and computers are actually that? 

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              Data Migration

              28 February by Melissa C.

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                Flap It All Day!

                14 February by Melissa C.

                A List of Similar Games to Flappy Bird – Top 10 Free Games

                Still upset about the removal of Flappy Bird? It’s barely a week since the removal of the popular game developed by a Vietnamese that had claimed it has totally ruined his life. The removal, has a matter of fact disappointed a number of gamers whose grown so fond of it.


                It was so well-like owing to both it’s simplicity and complexity of the game. As the name suggests, all you have to do is flap (in order to navigate) whenever necessary to avoid hitting the obstacles and ended up killing yourself. The challenging part is that you can’t skip any of the levels or so-called obstacles. Hence, you’ll find yourself constantly replaying until you reaches the next level. The master key here is absolute patience.

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                  How to Stay Fit?

                  12 February by Melissa C.

                  What would you normally do in order to stay fit? Other than turning yourself into a complete Vegan or to incur a monthly subscription tied with the fitness and health clubs that you’ll probably end up not going, there are also other viable methods. When I say ‘how to stay fit’, that doesn’t necessarily mean to lose weight. It can be purely an action to change our lifestyle. It’s also one of the main and observable trends over the past years. Individuals, regardless of gender and age are becoming more and more health-conscious in order to improve their quality of life as well as life expectancy.

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                    Latest Apple News

                    8 February by Melissa C.

                    The latest buzz that’s been going around the bloc about Apple is definitely the iWatch and iPhone 6. It has actually been talked about so much recently that the anticipation for these two devices is building up day by day (or even by the hours). That’s especially more so when there’s the possibility of seeing the iPhone 6 on the market the soonest by Summer/Fall this year followed by the iWatch. We’re already in February and that’s not too far away!


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